bonita whiteHello, my name is Bonita White. I am a happily married mother of 4 young adults, a Global Entrepreneur, Financial Educator, Prayer Warrior and Philanthropist. As an entrepreneur in the 1990’s, I owned a Medical Clinic and earned nearly 3 million dollars. My business lacked the advice of many wise counselors with financial checks and balance systems. Many mistakes were made and consequently, I lost it all in 1997. By 1999, I had partially recovered from my losses, went back to college and finished my Chemistry degree. In 2002 Fulton County Schools hired me to teach High School Science. I enjoyed preparing tomorrow’s leaders and making a difference in our youth. However, the entrepreneurial spirit inside of me yearned for more. My full time teaching career ended in 2010, when I started a Science Education consulting business. I’ve been involved in many business endeavors, and have seen people who have earned great incomes only to spend it on leased cars, homes and other depreciating objects. They had no real wealth to show for their earnings. During 2008-2010 mortgage collapse many people that I knew lost their jobs, 401(k) shrunk 50%, and some closed their businesses. My decision to devote my time learning and teaching Financial Intelligence and Cash Flow Strategies was birthed. Currently, I have completed the Certified Financial Educator program coursework and now working toward Life/Health/Annuities Insurance license.

My mission and passion is to teach others how to increase their Financial IQ so they can keep, multiply and preserve their hard earn money and not make the same mistakes that I did. Financial Education is the key to making sound decisions and knowing all the facts. I’ve formed strategic partnerships with global leaders that allow me to pursue my passion globally while supporting worldwide charities.